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RRC offers an independent, third party, inspection for buyers and sellers.  We do not install roofing.  We offer objective information on the roof system regarding type, condition, life expectancy and recommend immediate needs. In addition to the Inspection Report, we prepare a Project Plan for the work identified.  We carefully specify the right work to be completed and exclude work can be put off.  This Project Plan (or RFP)  simplifies the estimate process (Apples to Apples), improves our ability to negotiate the contract and includes contract safeguards.


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My Name is Jay Hawblitzel.  I have inspected over 8000 new and existing roof systems.  I can help you.  I work as your advocate.  Together we can avoid common mistakes, choose the right scope of work, select the right contractor, and SAVE MONEY.  Frequently at no cost to homeowner.  Our homeowners know what they want and have clear and consistent expectations spelled out in their agreement with the contractor.  Educated homeowners pay less for roofing and get more.

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